Thursday, 1 December 2016

sponsor T - shirt

Dear Miss Maruariki. Thank you for sponsoring me and I will still be doing more work because it is not the end of the term.On 2/12/16 we will be holding a sausage sizzle and we will be cleaning up the Glenbrae reserve on Tuesday 6th 16.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

creek clean up

Dear Glenbrae community,

I am from Glenbrae school and I am a student. We are fundraising for leavers gear and we are volunteering to clean up the creek by our school next week Tuesday.  We are hoping that our community will sponsor us money that will go towards year 8 graduation and year 7 camp. We are having sausage sizzle on Friday 2/12/16  and we hope you join us!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

carries cubes

today we were learning about math Mrs stone got us into groups and then she sent us to the tables. At first we did not get it and our problem was very confusing. I had two partners,Sam and Alfred.Our problem was called carries cubes the last problem I didn't get is so that was the part I got confused on but we managed to figure out the problem.

       Carries Cubes
Walt: identify classes of two- and three-dimensional shapes by their geometric properties.

Carrie has glued some cubes together to make a large solid cube with nine small cubes showing on a face.
She paints the large cube red.

How many of the original small cubes have:
  1. three faces painted red

  1. two faces painted red

  1. one face painted red

  1. no faces painted red

Glenbrae kids childhood center

Today we went to the Early childhood center.There was a lot of little kids and we had to partner with a little kid and I had Britney and Sam's partner was Tati and they were one of the naughty kids a there.

Next we went to an table a read a book but Tati and Britney keeped on ignoring us so I and Sam played a game of tag with them and they liked playing it

finally it was time to go back to school and Sam and I said good bye.

Friday, 11 November 2016

design Brief for my scratch game

My design brief tells me what I am making my game for. the attributes tells me what i need to include in my game.

Conceptual Statement

In the context of (entertainment) I will design and produce a (insert the intended outcome, conceptual design or prototype) for (insert the stakeholders or target audience) to be used (to have fun and keep playing).




Game Title


Start and Stop

Objects or Characters


Controls (Spacebar, arrow keys etc)


Background themes or background colours