Friday, 26 September 2014

stuck in the desert

Once upon a time there was a boy how was lost in the desert his leg was burning he was hot and at night he had no blanket on pillow but he used cold sand when it was morning he was cold until he sou water.

The boy run to the tap turned the tap on and the woman called out where is the driver and the boy went to the bathroom and slammed the door the boy was holding the bus drivers keys and the boy ask the man if he can have the bus drivers cloths and the bus driver had to where boxes the man ran told the woman to go to the bus.                                                

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Boy vs Beast

Long ago beast and man shared one world and the battles began between them. After many battles the world was split in two. Beasts were given Beastliness. Man was given Earth. A border and a body-wall was made. It closed the two worlds off. Border Guards were trained to defend the border-wall.The beasts tried to get through the border-wall many times.

The Border-Guards had to stop them. Battles won by beasts made them stronger. Battles won by guards earned them new battle gear and they
got new upgrades. Then their battle gear could do more and they were defeated by the beast.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Information report about eels

An eel

Eels belong to the Anguilliformes family.

An eel looks like a worm. It can be black or brown and sometimes they have spots on them. It has two eyes and sharp teeth.

Eels are found in most places around the world in rivers and lakes. In New Zealand eels travel to Tonga and lay their eggs there and when the baby eels are born they travel to New Zealand to find their parents.

Eels can swim fast and they eat bread, seaweed but can’t eat big fish. They also have very good night vision.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Caring for the Earth

We are killing our Earth by throwing our rubbish in the sea and on land. We putting our rubbish in the wrong bin and sending chemicals in the grass to kill insects. But we should leave the birds to eat the insects because birds are dying and also we are not looking after them. We should start reducing, recycling and re-using stuff like  bottles, papers, plastic bags and plastics.