Friday, 29 May 2015

Asthma Show

Thursday 28 May 2015
The Asthma Show

Yesterday, on a sunny morning, we had a show on asthma in the Glenbrae School Hall.This show was hosted by a man named Chris who was dressed in a blue suit and looked so handsome.

Chris talked to us about Asthma.Chris said that Asthma was really bad and it affected our lungs and breathing.People feel as if they are breathing in a small straw.

We learnt from Chris that Asthma was caused by Flower pollen, Smoke, Virus, Animal fur, Dust Mites and Cold air.He told us that we could use the asthma inhaler to help us breath if we suffer.

Later on in the show,Chris introduced a fish named Sailor, The fish Sailor is the big fat orangey and greeny.Sailor was a funny fish because he flipped his tail when Chris was singing a song about asthma.

I felt excited because when Chris was singing he said the words so fast and i was shocked and happy.

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