Monday, 9 May 2016

The two monsters

There once a monster named Jackson that lived quietly on the west side of a mountain and on the east side of the mountain lived another monster named Jayden.Jackson always talk to himself and Jayden always listen.The way they contacted each other by talking through the hole but in the mountain but they never saw each others faces.

One evening Jaden called through the hole, can you see how beautiful it is? Day is departing. Said Jackson and Jayden replied you mean night is arriving, you twit. Don’t call me that, you dumbo,or i’ll get angry, Jackson felt so annoyed that he couldn't hardly sleep and Jaden felt just as irritated he slept very badly as well.

The next morning Jackson felt very awful after such a very bad night. He shouted through the hole to Jayden, Wake up, you numskull, night is leaving and morning is arriving you stupid. The Jayden was very angry he got a rock and threw it over the mountain.You are just a stupid old wind-filled prune! Shouted Jackson as he heaved a boulder that knocked another piece off the mountain and you’re a bandy-legged, sorry cornflake head! said Jaden and this time he kicked a huge rock just for a chance.

As the day past the rocks grew bigger and bigger and the insults grew longer and longer and both monsters remained silents and untouched  but the mountain was being knocked into’re a hairy overstuffed empty headed boss-eyed mess! said Jackson,as he threw another massive boulder and you’re just a pathetic, addlebrained smelly lily-livered custard tart screamed Jayden hurling a yet larger rock.Jackson smashed the last of the mountain and for the very first time they saw each other and it just happened at the beginning of the sunset.

Incredible said Jackson and so they both put down the rock that they and there’s night is arriving are right said Jayden.They walked to the middle of the mess they had made to watch the arrival of the night and the departure of the day together.That was rather fun gigging at the first time said Jackson yes wasn’t it chuckled Jayden and it was pitty about the mountain.


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