Thursday, 11 August 2016

kiwi can

today at kiwi can we had Mr A we line up outside the corridor and waited until he came out of the class room. When Mr A came out he said he has great memories about us last week and so on he sent four students in the class room.

Once we all got inside sitting on the floor behind four cones. Mr A said ki ora room 7 we said ki ora kiwi can and Mr A said which langue does it come from.The students had told each other, I said maori but I forgot to say cook island.

The next thing we getting in to our energiser.We play limbo I only won one round and I kept on falling down onto the ground. Luisa  won all the other rounds.


Danni Stone said...

Hi Mateaki, well done for blogging! What was your favourite part of the lesson?

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