Tuesday, 29 November 2016

creek clean up

Dear Glenbrae community,

I am from Glenbrae school and I am a student. We are fundraising for leavers gear and we are volunteering to clean up the creek by our school next week Tuesday.  We are hoping that our community will sponsor us money that will go towards year 8 graduation and year 7 camp. We are having sausage sizzle on Friday 2/12/16  and we hope you join us!


Danni Stone said...

Well done for advertising our fundraisers Mateaki! I'm sure we will do a great job cleaning the creek!

Mark Barlow said...

Kia ora Mateaki,

What a great school you must have! Community involvement and support is very important.

I am Mark, a teacher working for the Summer Learning Journey. I know you haven't started yet, but I just saw this post and thought it was cool, so I am here to say "Hello," and "I hope you join in on the Summer Learning Journey soon."

Kia Kaha and take care,


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